My Maternity Fashion: The Perfect 10 items

The Perfect 10 items

Every mommy-to-be should consider making room in their closets for some basic pregnancy essentials wardrobe. I started shopping for maternity clothes shortly after first trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter. I’m a pretty simple and casual mom so I knew exactly what I wanted. Here are the perfect 10 pieces (tops and bottoms) that will work with any wardrobe. They’re easy, inter-mixable, comfortable and most importantly practical for a mommy-to-be.

A side ruched t-shirt, tank top, ¾ sleeves shirt, long sleeves, and wrap around tops are perfect addition to any pregnant woman’s wardrobe. They can be easy pair with a skirt, jeans, lounge wear,short, or legging. However, I have to admit when it comes to jeans, they were my fashion foundation when I was expecting. Personally I have say, they are the most versatile and I wore them almost every weekend. Most of the time, I paired them with tees for a comfortable casual outfit or with a feminine blouse for a chic evening look.The Perfect 10 items

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