Hospital bag for Baby, Mommy, & Daddy

Hospital bag

Packing for the hospital was probably one of the least favorite things to prepare for when I was pregnant with my daughter. However, I did decided to get a head start just so I can cross out the task from my to do list and in case I go into labor early. With that in mind, I started packing my hospital bag when I was 5 weeks away from my due date. And till this day I’m so glad I did it – because my daughter came two weeks early from her due date.  Here are the essential things I packed for my daughter, my husband, and myself.

My daughter hospital bag consists of baby wipes, a going home outfit which I’d decided on a full body onesie to keep her fully covered.  However, if you cannot find a full body onesie that covers her from body to toes then the option of using a pair of socks or booties will be just fine .  I kept her head and hands warm with beanie and mittens.  Then once she’s positioned in her car seat, I placed a blanket on her lap.


My bag includes the most stuff in comparison to my daughter and husband.  My hospital bag consists of nursing bra, extra underwear, a comfortable going home outfit, pajamas, personal item – toiletries, insurance card, hair bands, eye glasses and my contact lenses, a folder to store all hospital paperwork and documents, sugar free candy, and blistex lip balm to keep my lip from drying out.


My husband hospital bag was simple.  His bag consists of pajamas, boxers, a going home outfit, cellular phone charger, snacks, and camera.


As I was going through this process of planning and making sure what I needed to pack, I wanted to keep things simple and just bring essentials.  Along the way, I came up with this simple and easy hospital checklist for the three of us.  This checklist made things so much easier for me. You can download the checklist here.

Hospital Bag Checklist


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